Easy Recipe for Fresh Fish

Whole fresh fish are easier to cook than you think! Let’s look at my husband’s super simple salted fish recipe. It’s delicious and you can use it with any kind of fresh fish. If you’re squeamish about touching a whole, you’ll need one non-squeamish partner for this one.

Fresh Fish


Gutted fish

Rosemary & sage


Coarse (kosher) salt


1 large carrot

Spices of your choice (we used red pepper flakes, paprika and black pepper)


1. Prepare your stuffing.

Fresh Fish Stuffing

2. Stuff that fish! Turn it on its back and stuff.

Stuff that Fish

3. Turn the fish on its side. Place it in a pan of coarse salt with salt touching the whole fish. Seal up the openings in the fish with carrots.

Fresh Fish Stuffed

4. Cover the fish with salt completely. Put into a preheated oven (350 F) and bake your fish (up to 5 lbs) for 30 minutes.

Salt Covered Fish

5. When it’s finished baking, the salt will be hard. Chip away at it with a spoon until you can see the whole fish. Then gently remove the fish from the salt and serve!

Salt Cooked Fish

6. Don’t let the leftovers go to waste . . . and no worries, we took the little bones out first:)

Cat Loves Fish

Kebab – The Middle Eastern Hamburger

Bored with hamburgers? Try kebab! You make it just like hamburgers, just in a different shape. Here is a recipe for lamb kebabs that anyone can follow. You can also make it with beef.

Recipe: Easy Lamb Kebabs Two Ways

Kebab with Tomato Sauce


Ground lamb meat (or beef) – if low fat, add 1 egg to mix

Cilantro (chopped)

Salt, Pepper


Mix together the herbs, spices and meat in a large bowl. Roll out the meat into long spheres (see picture below) and place on parchment paper or other non-stick surface.


There are three ways to cook the kebabs – on a grill pan (greased first of course), on a grill or in the oven. Your choice!  Grilling kebab on a cinnamon stick is also a fun way to mix things up. Here they are grilling on a pan:

Pan Grilled Kebab

And here they are baking in the oven:

Baking Kebabs

Yum! The kebabs are baked, now how to serve them? I suggest two different ways: with fresh tomato sauce, mashed potatoes and garnished with cilantro (as pictured on the top of the blog) or propped up on some fresh labane or thick plain yogurt.

Kebab with Yogurt

KEBAB TIP: While you can eat kebab with lower fat meat, it’s just tastier with fatty meat! If you can’t get fresh lamb meat, try mixing in lamb fat with beef.

Recipe for Goose Legs and Tips on How to Serve Goose

Duck, duck . . . goose?  Yep, for us wild game lovers goose is a tasty treat. But in order for your goose to not be over cooked, here are some and the easiest recipe ever!

Goose Leg


2 goose legs (fresh or frozen & thawed)

3 cups of red wine

1/2 cup dried apricots


Salt & pepper

Bay leaves

Spices (pick one or two of your choice- cinnamon, cardamom, cloves)


Fry the goose legs (fat side down) until they brown. Add the wine, dried apricots and spices of your choice. Stir in a spoon of honey, a dash of salt & pepper. Let it cook for about an hour and make sure the wine doesn’t burn off. The goose legs should be resting in the liquid, but not completely covered.

GOOSE TIP: If you don’t like duck, you won’t like goose. The texture is a bit chewy (see below) and a generally unpleasant surprise for those who don’t love gamey birds. If you’re roasting a fat goose, you’ll have plenty of fat leftover to reserve and use in cooking later. Any sauce left over can also be frozen and used later. And one last goose tip: there’s not “much” meat on some geese – don’t expect hungry folk to subsist just on a goose leg & some fries. Serve it with a hearty soup or salad.

Pan Roasted Goose Leg