About Me

Hello world! I’m Lindsey and I live in northern Israel. You will find posts about my favorite creative passion: food. A lot of my recipes are Middle East or Mediterranean fusion, most are gluten free, many are vegetarian/vegan or raw. All of them focus on using fresh, real, and local ingredients.

Good morning Provence!
Good morning Provence!

I love quirky ingredients, different approaches and healthier takes on old favorites. I’m just as comfortable on the farm as in the center of the city; in heels or hiking boots; munching down on BBQ or a fancy 3 course meal.

Shepherd Style
Yeah, I know how to drive a herd of sheep!

I started Tayim Li (which means “it’s yummy to me”) as a way to remember some of my favorite recipes, to share some of the things I’ve learned and to help me write a little bit each day. I love travel and try new foods.

Foie gras sorbet - I'm always up for something new!
Foie gras sorbet – I’m always up for something new!

I’m married and had a baby in 2013. My husband is European-Israeli and is the baker and food shopper in the house. He’s also the more adventurous eater, with a love of organ meats, tails, legs and all the parts.

A typical conversation after market day in our house:

“What’s in the bag. ┬áIt looks like a cow’s leg.” I asked him. “Of course it’s a cow leg, I’m making Yemen leg soup!”

Enjoy my recipes:)

– Lindsey

P.S. Aside from cooking & travel, I’m a big fan of mountain biking, hiking, camping, yoga and weight training. I also love the self sufficiency arts, like sewing, home repair, plumbing and gardening. Find me on Google Plus.

Mountain biking in the Alps.