Ideas to Make Soup Special

Soup, particularly purees can look a bit like baby food.  So here is the idea: julienne some zucchini, throw on some toasted pine nuts and top with olive oil.  It’s beautiful, tasty and brilliant – and not my idea:)  This dish is from Chez Caro in Arles, France.  It was hot pea soup with either barely cooked or raw zucchini.  I highly recommend this restaurant if you are ever in Arles.

Soup Decorations

In our own version, we had a cold zucchini gazpacho and opted to top it with raw cucumbers, toasted pine nuts and olive oil.  Also delicious!

Beautiful French Desserts: Jean Luc Pele in Cannes

French desserts are some of the best in the world! Feast your eyes on some of my travel photos from France and drool:) These pictures are from the Jean Luc Pele in Cannes. We opted for some macaroons and they were DELICIOUS!

So much to choose from!
So much to choose from!

Macarons and Homemade Chocolate Nut Bark DisplayReally? You need to tempt me even more with tantalizing displays?!Berries Desserts Display

More French DessertsAre you visiting Cannes and want to find this delightful shop? It’s down the street pictured below – just look for the Jean Luc Pele shop and hold on to your wallet tight. It’s not cheap, but definitely worth it!  42 Rue d’Antibes and you’re there.

Rue d'Antibes is much more fun than the overpriced and not so glam anymore La Croisette. You'll find Jean Luc Pele on 42 Rue d'Antibes.
Rue d’Antibes is much more fun than the overpriced and not so glam anymore La Croisette. You’ll find Jean Luc Pele on 42 Rue d’Antibes.

Want to see more eye candy and tummy temptations from Jean Luc Pele? Here are pictures from his Engish site on macaroons, pastries and chocolates. Enjoy!

Crete: Things to Do in Every Season

It’s my first travel post and it’s on Crete! Here are 10 things you can do in Crete – off season and in season. Most of them are free, but require a car. I highly recommend a trip to Crete and we would definitely go back.

1. The beach. It’s not the most glamorous beach, but it does the trick. British tourists seemed to love swimming in it. I took a pass and enjoyed the sun, which even in off season is not so bad.

2. Visit the cave of Zeus. Whether you believe the legend or not, this trip offers a nice drive into the Lasithi Plateau, a short hike and a lovely cave. Ignore the sign – if you’re physically fit it’s a great hike to the cave! We were there off season and there were no donkeys.

3. Zeus’s Cave. Cough up a few Euros for entry into this smaller, but worthwhile cave. You must be in good physical condition for this!

4. Go for a drive into the mountains.

5. See the flower fields. Crete has lots of them all over. Don’t pass by quickly – stop and enjoy a moment!

6. Go Greek Orthodox. So it’s not the best picture, but you get the idea. The Greek Orthodox Church holds many festivals and it’s something different to see. Look around for posters in the town announcing festivals or events. This one was Greek Orthodox Easter and they were taking out a Jesus statue for a parade.

7. Cat Watching! The Cretans love cats, who linger near butcher shops and roam freely on the island. It’s just one more reason to slow down, pause and watch daily life.

8. Visit Agios Nikolaos. It’s a touristy port and the food is relatively expensive, however it has unique shops, a festive atmosphere and is a welcome urban stop. There are also short boat excursions (from the marina). One day or a long afternoon is enough to see this place unless you want to do a boat trip.

9. Catch a rainbow – or two! Don’t know if it was our luck or what, but this is what we saw on our climb up into the mountains to visit Zeus’s cave.  Keep your eyes peeled – it seems like this moist & mountainous island is just ripe for a rainbow or two.

10. Buy furs! While it’s really not my thing, there are tons of fur stores on the island. I couldn’t help but share this one that offers furs at factorial prices. Which is funny for my fellow math nerds. If you don’t like furs, rename this suggestion laugh at bad English translations – also free, also fun;)