Fresh Fish

Easy Recipe for Fresh Fish

Whole fresh fish are easier to cook than you think! Let’s look at my husband’s super simple salted fish recipe. It’s delicious and you can use it with any kind of fresh fish. If you’re squeamish about touching a whole, you’ll need one non-squeamish partner for this one.

Fresh Fish


Gutted fish

Rosemary & sage


Coarse (kosher) salt


1 large carrot

Spices of your choice (we used red pepper flakes, paprika and black pepper)


1. Prepare your stuffing.

Fresh Fish Stuffing

2. Stuff that fish! Turn it on its back and stuff.

Stuff that Fish

3. Turn the fish on its side. Place it in a pan of coarse salt with salt touching the whole fish. Seal up the openings in the fish with carrots.

Fresh Fish Stuffed

4. Cover the fish with salt completely. Put into a preheated oven (350 F) and bake your fish (up to 5 lbs) for 30 minutes.

Salt Covered Fish

5. When it’s finished baking, the salt will be hard. Chip away at it with a spoon until you can see the whole fish. Then gently remove the fish from the salt and serve!

Salt Cooked Fish

6. Don’t let the leftovers go to waste . . . and no worries, we took the little bones out first:)

Cat Loves Fish