Welcome to the world of healthy eating! For your convenience, here are some terms we use on our site with a link to posts about them and some more information on what we mean.

Global Cuisine

The site features a lot of global cuisine! Here are the most commonly used types of food and what we mean.

Middle Eastern Food – These are traditional foods and ingredients most commonly found in the Middle East; from Turkey looping clockwise until Morocco. Some are traditional recipes or unique interpretations of them.

Asian Food – By Asian foods, I mean flavors of Asia. This is not my area of expertise, it’s more like a flavor palate with ingredients like sesame oil, soy sauce and Schezuan style spiciness.

Balkan Food – The Balkans are a diverse region in terms of population and geography. For my blog, I interpret this broadly to include Bulgarian foods, Serbian foods and more.

Greek Food – Because it’s more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern, I’ve separated Greece into its own food category. Admittedly it does have overlaps, but because it is so different I’ve kept it apart.

American Food – OK, so most food isn’t really “American” but comes from somewhere else. That said, there are some dishes that have become American staples over the years that I have included in this category.

Healthy Eating Categories

Each person has their own definition of healthy eating. My healthy eating always includes clean eating, which is using real ingredients and no processed foods. Here is more information:

Ancient Grains – These are grains used before commercially grown wheat became popular, though some people include wheat in this category. On this blog, I use the ancient grains (which are technically seeds) quinoa, millet and amaranth.

Gluten Free – Gluten is in so many things, but not in most of my recipes! While some recipes are gluten free, only the ones that typically have gluten, but don’t in my version are marked gluten free.

Healthier Version – Many recipes of processed foods use ingredients that are not in my clean eating regime. These recipes are healthier, less processed versions of popular foods. Whether it’s less sugar or a homemade version of a typically store-bought item, these recipes are an easy way to get healthier.

Paleo – The paleo diet has a focus on meat, berries and foods our cave-dwelling ancestors would have eaten. Many of my recipes fit into the paleo diet, but clearly this is not a paleo-focused site. I just can’t give up my dairy!