Kombu Noodle Soup

Meet your new best friend: kombu noodle soup. Kombu is an edible kelp used to make its own broth, but I’ve taken this incredible ingredient and turned it into a gluten free noodle! It’s so simple, yet so tasty!Seaweed Soup Vegan Recipe1. Take any broth – homemade, store bought, vegan, chicken, whatever you want, and heat it.

2. Cut a piece of kombu into strips. Add the strips into the hot soup and that’s it! Kombu noodle soup for everyone!

Seaweed Soup Vegan Recipe

And here’s what kombu looks like before you cut it into strips.

Kombu recipe for soup
Wikimedia Commons

Kombu Tip: When working with kombu, keep in mind that it’s very salty. Purchase broth with no salt or use very lightly salted homemade broth in order to keep your soup from being too salty.