The finished product - YUM!

Gluten Free Pizza on Thin Rice Cakes

Pizza! It’s a favorite, but one of the hardest recipes to do gluten free. I have a solution! Pizza rice cakes. Here is the most simple recipe you’ll ever see for 5 minute gluten free pizza.

Gluten Free Rice Cake Thins Pizza


Rice Cake Thins, Pizza Sauce (or Sweetened Tomato Paste), Pizza Cheese


On a parchment paper, set out the rice cake thins (you can use regular rice cakes too). Spread the tomato paste or pizza sauce and cover with cheese. If you use thins, add another rice cake thin, cover with sauce and then cheese.

Rice Cake Pizza

When you’ve got it all covered, place your ready to bake rice cakes in the oven. Bonus is that you can do this in the toaster – no mess, no hot house and no preheating!

Rice Cake Ready to Bake

Pop it in the toaster oven until browned and THAT’S IT! Less than 5 minutes from hungry belly to full plate:)


The finished product - YUM!
The finished product – YUM!

Inspired by Lundberg Farms Pizza Cakes.