Minty Pop

Good Idea Gone Bad: Minty Pop

So this summer I got all into making popsicles.  Coconut milk & berries.  Peach with Greek yogurt.  Even plain old water & cucumber “spa” pops.  And in a love of creative spirit, I decided to experiment and make a minty pop.  It seems attractive, the idea sounds good, but frankly, this was disgusting!

Here is why a minty pop (at least how I did it) is a bad idea:

  • The mint leaf was stringy and ruined the texture of the pop.
  • The mint leaf, when consumed in giant chunks, tasted bitter.
  • The mint flavor did not disperse, it stayed in the giant leaf.
  • It was hard to eat the mint leaf because parts stayed frozen to the pop.

I’m not giving up on minty pops, I will definitely try again – just not any time soon!  And don’t be discouraged from doing DIY mint flavors, just take into consideration that plopping a giant bitter leaf into a popsicle isn’t the way to do it.  Happy pop making!