Healthy Macadamia Nuts

Blueberry Banana Macadamia Breakfast

Macadamias are a great way to start your day! They’re anti-inflammatory and one single serving (.5oz/15) has 5% of your daily fiber; but this same serving is almost 100 calories. This is a great breakfast for before or after working out. I make this when we’re going on a long bike ride! It’s also good for folks who need some extra calories, you know who you are:)

Blueberry Banana Macadamia Yogurt Delight (with optional ground flax)


6 oz Fully Fat Goat Yogurt (or Regular Yogurt)

1/2 oz Raw/unroasted Macadamia Nuts

1 oz Dried Blueberries

1 Fresh Banana, Sliced

2 Tbsp Flax (optional)


Empty the yogurt into a bowl. Carefully measure out the nuts (they’re 200 calories for 1 oz!) and dried blueberries and add on top of the yogurt. Slice the banana and add it. Sprinkle with flax seed for extra fiber.

TIP: Macadamia Nut Nutrition: Macadamia nuts are nutritious, but tend to be high calorie. Enjoy them in moderation. Macadamias are naturally high in thiamine (vitamin B1), which everyone needs, but people with Crohn’s, kidney disease or those taking diuretics need in particular. Studies also show that thiamine, with other vitamins, can help prevent cataracts.