High Protein Healthy Snack: Melon & Cottage Cheese

High protein snacks or high protein breakfasts are an important element of dieting for anyone from bodybuilders, diabetics or expectant moms. Protein doesn’t have to be boring – or come from meat! Try this tasty, simple and high protein snack – if you use 1 cup of cottage cheese, you’ll get 28 grams of protein!

High Protein Snack

I love this snack, here’s why:

  1. The concept is so simple and quick. Just takes 2 minutes and you’ve got a healthy high protein snack.
  2. It uses melons of any size – for a bigger melon just eat half.
  3. It’s environmentally friendly. By spooning out the melon, you tend to eat more of the melon than when you cut it up.
  4. Seasonality! If you’ve got a melon patch in your yard or in a farm nearby, eat this snack in season and you won’t get tired of melon.
  5. Presentation. It’s a really cute way to eat melon.
  6. It’s not messy . . . really, it isn’t! Compared to juicy, sticky melon dripping all over the place, this melon snack is mess-free.
  7. Easy clean up . . . just toss the melon rind in your compost or trash bin and that’s it.
  8. It works with any kind of melon, from cantaloupe to honey dew and more.