How to Eat Puffed Quinoa and Bonus Recipe

Puffed quinoa is a gluten free high protein breakfast cereal that’s minimally processed and I’m in love with its nutrition. However, its taste is another story. If you want to know how to eat puffed quinoa, it’s simple – dress it up!

Here is one idea on how to make your puffed quinoa breakfast a tasty, not just healthy, treat.

Puffed quinoa breakfast with figs, walnuts and milk

This recipe is perfect for late summer when figs are at their peak! Use about 1 cup of quinoa, milk of your choice, a tablespoon of flax, a few walnuts, and fresh cut figs. The quinoa in the picture is a mix of sweetened and unsweetened. Substitute for any sweet, moist fruit, and a lot of it, and enjoy your puffed quinoa breakfast!

PUFFED QUINOA TIP: Store it in an airtight container to maintain its texture and prevent it from getting mushy. No matter how well you store it, however, it won’t be as crunch as a typical cereal or granola. If you like it crunchy, try the sweetened variety – the honey/sugar gives it a slight crunch.