How to make fruit look pretty

Fruit snacks… unfortunately what passes for a fruit snack nowadays is little more than GMO corn congealed with artificial colors and artificial flavors. Get over your fear of fruit – it’s a great snack! Here are some tips on how to make snacking on fruit easier and more beautiful.

How to make fruit beautiful

1. Accessorize. Who cares if you’ll only use your cherry pitting machine for a few months a year? It makes freezing fruit while in season easier, it makes snacking much more fun, and who doesn’t like relatively cheap gadgets? Cherries with no pits and perfectly sliced strawberries makes your fruit more tempting.

2. Skip the peel. While I love the peel of peaches, other folks, like my husband, just can’t stand the texture and bitterness. Stop the peel vs. no peel fight and just peel it so they’ll eat it. Plus a lot of fruit comes bruised or brown – it’s just cosmetic but can interfere with our desire to eat it.

3. Slice it pretty. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with eating a whole fig, but is it visually appealing? Not really. We do eat with our eyes, so take a few minutes and a sharp serrated knife (this is what I prefer) and slice your figs so we can see their best features.

4. The baby fork. Fruit is the easiest thing to eat with your hands, but why get all sticky (and have that excuse for not eating fruit). Serve it with a cute little fork and keep your hands clean.