Joseph Joseph ‘Elevate’ Kitchen Tools: Product Review

Without a doubt, these are some of the most beautiful kitchen tools you’ll see out there. And these good looking tools aren’t cheap.

Good looks aside, are they worth it?

Joseph Joseph Utensils

Joseph Joseph Elevate Review: The Cons

  • Very expensive compared to other tools.
  • Difficult to store in a drawer.
  • Can’t buy additional matching tools, just these specific ones.
  • The colors of replacement items change. For example I have a¬†green spatula and would like to replace it, but the new spatula color is yellow. My soup ladle is yellow. So in order to make the set match, I’d have to buy a whole new set.
Joseph Joseph Hanging on the Wall
I did a DIY hanging “rack” aka carpenter nails where my kitchen tiles meet to show off this colorful collection.

Joseph Joseph Elevate Review: The Pros

  • The extra piece to make them stand works (see image below)
  • Beautiful when hung on a wall.
  • Lasts longer than cheaper plastic ones I’ve bought before.
  • Sticking to just these six I was able to throw out other tools and use only these!

Joseph Joseph Utensils

Joseph Joseph Elevate: The Bottom Line & Some Tips

Totally worth it! If you buy online directly, sign up for their newsletter and get a discount.