Goose Leg

Recipe for Goose Legs and Tips on How to Serve Goose

Duck, duck . . . goose?  Yep, for us wild game lovers goose is a tasty treat. But in order for your goose to not be over cooked, here are some and the easiest recipe ever!

Goose Leg


2 goose legs (fresh or frozen & thawed)

3 cups of red wine

1/2 cup dried apricots


Salt & pepper

Bay leaves

Spices (pick one or two of your choice- cinnamon, cardamom, cloves)


Fry the goose legs (fat side down) until they brown. Add the wine, dried apricots and spices of your choice. Stir in a spoon of honey, a dash of salt & pepper. Let it cook for about an hour and make sure the wine doesn’t burn off. The goose legs should be resting in the liquid, but not completely covered.

GOOSE TIP: If you don’t like duck, you won’t like goose. The texture is a bit chewy (see below) and a generally unpleasant surprise for those who don’t love gamey birds. If you’re roasting a fat goose, you’ll have plenty of fat leftover to reserve and use in cooking later. Any sauce left over can also be frozen and used later. And one last goose tip: there’s not “much” meat on some geese – don’t expect hungry folk to subsist just on a goose leg & some fries. Serve it with a hearty soup or salad.

Pan Roasted Goose Leg