Quinoa Salad with a Middle Eastern Twist

This colorful, flavorful, and interesting-textured quinoa salad is a perfect side for anyone and a great main dish for vegans or vegetarians. It’s a great way to take your leftover red quinoa and turn it into something amazing! Using what’s in season now this salad combines persimmons, fresh citrus, herbs, spices, pistachio, and red quinoa for an unbeatable flavor and texture.

Recipe for Middle Eastern Quinoa

Combine the following to make your Middle Eastern twist quinoa salad. Since it is a salad, use as much or little of the ingredients until it is balanced for your taste.


Red quinoa

Chopped persimmon (1 fruit is enough)

Handful of de-shelled unsalted pistachios chopped coarsely

Chopped fresh coriander

Dash nutmeg

Dash of salt & pepper

Dash of olive oil

Dash of fresh lemon juice

Dash of fresh orange juice


Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, taste, adjust, and serve! Put more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

TIP: Add a small bit of orange and lemon juice and then taste. It only needs a little bit for flavor.