Romanian Grill Yonak

9/10 – Exactly what it’s supposed to be…

This no-frills restaurant originally served the Romanian immigrants who worked in the Haifa port. Years later, it still has the same diner-like charm paired with genuine Romanian food that makes is a great pick.

We ordered a mix of starters, which I regrettably did not photograph because the baby was fussing and we were hungry. The ikra was especially tasty, though they were all worthwhile and genuinely Romanian.

For the main dish, we ordered kebabs and a mixed Romanian grill. For those of you who enjoy various organ meat this is a great place! They were well stocked with all the innards, all freshly grilled. I challenge you organ meat lovers to identify what’s on this plate!

Yonak Romanian Grill in Haifa

Oh, and one strange thing is that it says Coffee & Ice Cream outside, as if it’s just a coffee bar with ice cream. Nope, it’s a Romanian grill . . . enjoy!


Yonak’s Romanian Grill

23 Kibbutz Galuyot, Haifa