10/10 Simply Stunning

From the second you walk in the door to Catit, be prepared to be thrilled by one amazing dish after another. Catit’s food porn is like a nude masterpiece that makes most other food porn look like a tawdry selfie on Instagram.

Be prepared to fall in love.

2014 Catit

Side Dishes

Tel Aviv Restaurant Review: Catit Lobster First Dish
Lobster! My favorite starter…
Catit Tel Aviv Review of First Dishes
Pepper Gazpacho – Delicious

Main Dishes


Catit Main Dish: Sea Bass
Catit, Tel Aviv – Fish & Beet 2014
Organ Meat
Tel Aviv Restaurant Catit Main Dish – Organ Mmmmmmeat!

2013:The First Dishes

Calamari Salad

Review Catit Tel Aviv

Beet Salad

Tel Aviv Catit Best Restaurant

The Main Dishes

Main Dish Catit Tel Aviv


Review Catit Tel Aviv

The Desserts