Indira Indian restaurant is located on Shaul Ha Melech, near the Tel Aviv Art Museum. If you’ve read reviews on other sites like Trip Advisor, you might be confused. They range from terrible to excellent with equal vehemence on both sides. Truth is that my review within the meal itself ranges from terrible to excellent. And the bottom line is that Indira is not too far from my house and does a good enough job that I’ll keep going back.

The following meal review is from a lunch special, so the price was a bit more reasonable than usual.

The starters were probably the low-light of the meal. The soups weren’t anything special and I’m not sure they were even Indian. Lassi, which should in my opinions have a bit of tartness, was sickeningly sweet.


The salad, pictured above and below, was on a base of cabbage and chopped very small. My husband, with Israeli taste sensibilities, enjoyed it. I managed to eat some, but starting a meal with a raw cabbage salad is not something I generally like to do. It was, however, well seasoned.


One thing done really well was the rice. It was cooked perfectly, seasoned with herbs and spices and presented beautifully  Sure, it’s just rice, but there is an art to cooking rice and Indira has it. The bread, not pictured, was great too.

IMG_2788For a main dish, I ordered the palak, which was 100% on point. Maybe I don’t have the most sophisticated palate for Indian, but the palak at Indira is much better than the ones I have eaten in other places in Tel Aviv. Pretty much this is the dish I come to Indira for and I’ve never been let down.


My husband ordered the “spiciest dish on the menu,” whose name eludes me now. It was spicy, but not overwhelming and delicious. You’ll know the dish by the copious amount of chili pepper icons next to it on the menu.


The desert was sorbet, which was surprisingly tasty. Maybe the folks at Indira fooled me, but the berry sauce tasted like it was from real berries and the mango sorbet like it could have been homemade.


Here are some suggestions to get the best out of Indira:

  • Go for the lunch specials.
  • Choose dishes with hard to find spices and ingredients.
  • If you’re not eating lunch there, skip the less than appetizing appetizers.
  • Skip the meat dishes, they’re much more expensive and not needed – eat Indian for the spice!
  • Keep in mind that Indian food in Tel Aviv tends to be on the expensive side.

I was not a guest of the restaurant and can attest to the fact that it’s not cheap since I paid my own bill. Reservations for dinner are recommended, I would call about lunch.

And the final word is that I’ve eaten there a few times. If you’re choosing convenience and reliable Indian food, Indira is just fine. A dining experience, not really, but a decent meal, not a problem.


Shaul Ha Melech 4, Tel Aviv