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Wow! From Catit’s Meir Adoni is a delightful restaurant, Mizlala, at 57 Nahlalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv. The food was impeccable, priced reasonably for a fancy restaurant and I can’t wait to go back. My biggest praise is for the menu’s ability to serve up a true first dish and true main dish, unlike many other new cuisine places in Tel Aviv whose menu seems like a bunch of mismatched first dishes. I’m a sucker for a crunchy crust freshly baked bread and theirs was HEAVENLY and crunched exactly how fresh bread should crunch when done right.Bread at Mizlala

For a first dish, we went with the rolls and the beef salad. Mizlala’s beef salad was divine – citrusy, beefy, spicy, crunchy – all without one flavor being too overpowering.

Review Mizlala Tel Aviv Beef

The rolls were less of a favorite of mine – the flavor was perfect, but I like a thinner wrap than they used.

Mizlala Roll Appertizers

The main dishes! Words cannot express how much I loved my main dish – healthy, creative, innovative AND the size of a true main dish. Wow, wow, and wow! Now I have a dilemma – when I go back to Mizlala I might just order it again instead of trying something new.

Review Salmon Tartar Mizlala

My husband got the calf brain on the croissant and loved it! It was a beautiful and creative departure from the usual calf brain dishes that typically come drenched in tomato sauce. And this dish is on the very reasonable 57 shekel lunch menu!

Review of Mizlala Tel Aviv Calf Brain

Not to be outshined by its main dishes, Mizlala’s desert lived up to the high standards set by the first and second dishes. We ordered the peanut butter ice cream sandwich and were dazzled by a cohesive, flavorful but not overpowering treat.

Review Peanut Butter Cup Dessert Mizlala

I enthusiastically recommend Mizlala – just be sure to make a reservation in advance. We reserved for a Saturday lunch on a Tuesday, so plan ahead!


57 Nahalat Binyamin, Tel Aviv


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