NG Meat Bar

Overall: 9/10 – EXCELLENT

The NG Meat Bar is located in quaint Neve Tzedek (not kosher). Its focus is on meat and it does an exceptional job. The ambiance is typical old Tel Aviv style and very enjoyable. My husband and I took my mom for her birthday – it’s great for special occasions and most dishes are best for sharing. Overall, an excellent choice for meat lovers.

Now let’s talk about the food!

For a first dish, we ordered soup. It was simply delicious! If I recall correctly, it was a chestnut pumpkin soup (soup of the day). Never mind the name, it tasted great.

NG Soup
Soup of the day – delish!

The other first dish we ordered was the meat pizza. I thought it was delightful, my husband (in hindsight) thought that it was good, but just too much meat in one meal.

NG Pizza Appetizer – Grilled flatbread topped with ground entrecote, solguni cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, shallots, whole roasted garlic cloves, chilli and oregano.

The other first dish we had was the liver pate, which came with bread. This dish, while tasty, was not our favorite. Again, the portion was a bit large, which isn’t really a complaint except to say that each appetizer is easily big enough for two people.

NG Veal Liver Pate Appetizer - Veal pate served with walnuts, truffles and eggplant confiture.
NG Veal Liver Pate Appetizer – Veal pate served with walnuts, truffles and eggplant confiture.

For the main dish, we opted for the 1.5 kg prime rib on the bone and the ribs (for two people). The steak was simply divine! There is a reason some of the best restaurants prefer to cook meat on the bone – it tastes amazing. It was done perfectly (medium-rare) and the server was happy to take it back for some more cooking once the too-rare center was reached.

TIP: Get it one the bone!
TIP: Get it one the bone!

The ribs were delicious too!

Meaty, fatty and just what ribs should be.
Meaty, fatty and just what ribs should be.

We all agree that we would definitely go again! Here are some suggestions:

  • If you go for lunch, try for the day that has the free appetizers.
  • Keep in mind one appetizer can easily be enough for two people.
  • If you order steak, order the larger portion for table sharing, on the bone.
  • Make a reservation! It’s a popular place – even for lunch.

The writer was NOT a guest of the restaurant and it’s not a cheap place to go. However, given the quality and quantity of the food, service and atmosphere I would still call it a good value.


NG Restaurant

6th Ehad Ha’am St. Neve Tsedek, Tel-aviv.
Entrance located on the corner of Ehad Ha’am St. & Yehuda Ha’hasid St. and up the staircase.

03-5167888 |