Lactation Cookies Recipe No Sugar Deconstruction

Lactation cookie recipes are delicious and great for a treat. However, as a regular snack, these guys have just way too much sugar for me! Try my alternative recipe – there is no added sugar and has almost the same ingredients. And there’s no baking… OK, so they’re not cookies either – they’re what I call “deconstructed” lactation cookies. And it’s sweet enough it still feels like a treat!

They’re so easy to make and perfect for nursing moms who don’t have time to bake.

Sugarless Lactation Cookies


1 cup raw natural oats

Handful of raisins

Dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt

2 Tbsp ground flax

1 cup of milk (dairy, nondairy or even breastmilk will work)


1. Put all of the ingredients except for the milk into a cereal bowl.

Recipe for Lactation Cookies No Sugar

2. Add the milk and stir.
No Sugar

3. Let it soak for a minimum of 5 minutes, less if you like raw oats and more if you like soft oats. The one below soaked for about 10 minutes.

Sugarless Lactation Cookies

4. Eat and enjoy!

Lemon Chicken – Whole Chicken Recipe

Do you know how to cook a whole chicken? It’s a lot easier than you think AND cheaper than buying a cut up chicken. Here is a no-fail recipe that’s great for first timers on cooking a whole chicken. The instructions are below and each picture takes you through the steps. It’s so EASY…

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Healthy Chef Salad

Chef salad is yummy, but can end up getting unhealthy . . . here is a recipe for a chef salad that’s a bit healthier.

Chef Salad

Healthier Chef Salad

Healthier Ingredients:

Instead of iceberg, choose mixed greens & baby spinach.

Instead of deli ham, choose roasted turkey with no nitrates.

Instead of store-bought ranch dressing, choose homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Instead of pre-shredded cheese, shred your own

Add whatever veggies you want! Get more protein by adding peas or an egg.


Get good ingredients and mix them together. By using ingredient replacements, you can increase the nutrients of your salad without increasing calories. You can also reduce the amount of processed ingredients.

Chef Salad

Sweet Potato Hash Brown Patties

Who can’t resist a bit of fried food now and then?  A big weakness of mine was hash browns (nom nom!), but with a new healthy way of living, these guys had to go.  Now while I don’t regularly eat these sweet potato patties, they are a healthier alternative to potato patties or hash browns.  Sweet potatoes are more nutrient dense than regular potatoes and these are pan-fried and not deep fried.  Not exactly guilt free (it’s still fried), but certainly less guilt!

All Finished!  Sweet Potato Patties

Sweet Potato Hash Brown Patties


1 Cups Coarsely Grated Sweet Potatoes

1/4 Cup Breadcrumbs

1-2 Eggs

1/4 Cup Finely Diced Onions

Sunflower Oil

Salt & Pepper


Peel and grate your sweet potatoes.  Lightly salt and let stand for 10 minutes while you finely dice 1/4 cup of onions.  Drain excess water from the sweet potatoes and pat them dry.  Add the onions, breadcrumbs, eggs and salt & pepper to the sweet potato shreds and stir.  If you find there is still water, pat dry again or press and drain.  Your mixture should be about the consistency of a hamburger – and should stand firm when made into a patty.  Too wet?  Add some breadcrumbs.  Too dry?  Maybe another egg.  See the picture below – they should be about this texture.

Sweet Potato Patties Cooking

Shape all of the patties and put them aside.  Add the oil to a frying pan and heat.  When the oil is hot, start cooking!  Since these are healthier versions, they are NOT deep fried.  Simply fry on each side until they’re browned.

Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Healthy Loaded Baked Potato

Baked potatoes have long been touted as a healthy alternative to fries – and they are.  But why should you make it so loaded that it becomes worse than fries (bacon, sour cream, cheddar cheese anyone)?  Here is my recipe for a still-indulgent, still a little loaded, sorta-loaded baked potato.

Healthier Potato

Sorta Loaded Baked Potato


Baked or Boiled Potato

Frozen Spinach


Salt, Pepper & Seasoning


Defrost and heat your spinach – leaf spinach is much better for this recipe.  Place your hot and cooked potato on the spinach and tear it open.  Slather with butter, sprinkle with salt, pepper and seasoning (I use Old Bay) and enjoy!

Butter TIP: For most people, butter is a healthy fat when consumed moderately.  The presence of butter in dishes has consistently been shown to lower the glycemic index of carbohydrates (more than any other fat).  The fats in butter also help digest the vitamins in vegetables and offer benefits of their own like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin K and Vitamin E.  When paired with a high GI starch like potatoes, butter mitigates the effects of the carbohydrates – and tastes good:)

Oh Dear! How to Cook a Deer Filet

Deer meat is delicious, ecological and if you shoot-your-own, economical.  While long-cooking stews or heavily flavored recipes are many, few rely on the naturally delicious deer flavor as a base.  I’m here to tell you – deer filet is delicious as is!

Deer Filet

Grilled Deer Filet


Deer Filet (Whole, Uncut)

Sprinkle of Salt

Sprinkle of Pepper


On a really hot grill or pan, cook the entire filet on each side for about 30 seconds, depending on thickness.  If the filet is odd-shaped, be sure that every side is seared – you may have to use tongs and hold the sides against the pan to do this.

Deer filet should always be cooked rare or medium rare.  It’s a low fat lean meat and will be tough if you cook it more.  If you prefer your meat more well done – choose another cut and leave the filet for the raw meat lovers:)

TIP: See if your butcher can put the filet in a vacuum pack.  It’s the best cut and really a shame to put it in the freezer.  Vacuum sealed packs can last a long time if kept cool and air tight.

TIP: You can always cook more, but never less.  After I sliced this open, I cooked the piece on the right just a tad more.

Condensed Cream of Mushroom Healthy and Homemade

Don’t ever buy canned condensed cream of mushroom again, use this recipe instead!  One staple in Americana food is the ubiquitous red can of gelatinous glob called condensed cream of mushroom. Whether it’s the Thanksgiving classic green bean casserole recipe or a broccoli stir fry, I used to have this can of goo in my pantry and then one day I just said enough. Here is my recipe for a condensed cream of mushroom substitute.  It’s hearty and thick like the condensed version and works well in its place.

Condensed Cream of Mushroom Substitute Recipe: Healthy & Homemade


Butter or oil

1 Medium onion

1 basket + of mixed mushrooms

4 fl oz heavy cream, diluted with whole milk to taste

We cannot display this galleryInstructions:

Place a pot on the stove and cover the bottom with butter or oil and heat on medium low.  Dice an onion into small pieces and add to the pot when the oil is heated.  Cut the mushrooms into 1″ square pieces or leave whole if they are small and add to the pot when the onions are translucent.  Stir until the mushrooms are fully cooked.  Turn the heat down if the onions start to brown too much, they should caramelize, but not brown.

Once your onions are caramelized and your mushrooms are cooked, which is hopefully at the same time, you can add your “cream.”  I mean to say “cream” because the strength of the soup is really up to you.  Add the 4 fl oz of cream and add to it whatever milk you want.  I have made this for pasta sauces and added a lot of milk.  Other recipes like cauliflower mash, I didn’t use as much.  If you can learn this recipe, you can stop buying those awful cans.  It’s so easy for me to make this right now, considering how many cans of condensed soup I burned growing up it even seems easier.

“Cream of” TIP: I’m experimenting with not having dairy, but I haven’t tried this recipe yet with a non-dairy milk.  I like coconut milk in some dishes, but I don’t know if it would make a good substitute for “creamy” recipes where you would usually use cream of mushroom.  Please comment on your experience if you have tried creamy dishes with non-dairy milk:)

Old Bay Broccoli Side

I left Baltimore long ago and there are very few things I miss aside from friends, family & food.  One thing that helps is always having my Old Bay with me.  Nothing tastes like home more than Old Bay!  Maybe it’s just me, but it makes everything taste better:)

If there is one food people complain isn’t tasty, it’s broccoli.  Here is one way I’ve made broccoli drool-worthy – Old Bay.



Steamed Broccoli

Old Bay

Real Cheese


Steam your broccoli. Grate cheese over the still hot broccoli.  I like Manchego cheese, but will buy what’s on sale.  Use whatever cheese you want as long as it is fresh and freshly grated!  Once the cheese is on, gently sprinkle on the magic Old Bay.  Enjoy!  The better your cheese, the better it will taste.  Don’t even try this with sliced or pre shred.

Notes: You can use frozen broccoli, but heat it slowly so you don’t cook it too much.