Wakame Cucumber Salad Recipe

Discover the mysteries of wakame salad and gain your wakame salad independence! Refreshing, crispy, clean-tasting and sophisticated all describe one of my favorite salads to make: the sesame wakame cucumber salad. Read the recipe and find out the salty secret on how to make your wakame salad the best…

Easiest wakame and sesame salad recipe and it's vegan!
Easiest wakame and sesame salad recipe.

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Labeneh: Greek Yogurt’s Cooler Cousin

Greek yogurt is huge all over the world, but its Levant cousin, labaneh, can be much tastier and has a much more sophisticated texture and flavor. What Americans and Westerners eat as Greek yogurt, isn’t really what the Greeks eat. When in Greece, a yogurt is generally thick, fatty and usually comes from sheep’s milk. It’s sour, it’s complex and it’s good. While Greeks do eat yogurt for breakfast with sweets like honey & walnuts, in the Levant it’s not eaten with sweets. Here is a simple appetizer with the complex flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean. Do not use Greek yogurt in this recipe! Commercially produced Greek yogurt is too mild, not fatty enough and has a gel-like texture, not a creamy texture.

Labaneh Greek-Levantine Appetizer

Labaneh Snack


Labaneh (Here is a great labaneh recipe, 2 ingredients: yogurt & salt!)


Mixed Nuts (mostly pine nuts & walnuts, some pumpkin & sesame seeds)

Kalamata Olives OR Cured Black Olives

Olive Oil


Zatar (optional)


Start dry toasting your nuts on parchment paper. While you are going this, spread labaneh onto the middle of a plate. Slice and arrange the cucumbers – peeling is optional. When the nuts are starting to smell toasty, take them out and sprinkle them on the labaneh and arrange the walnuts as in the photo above. Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with sumac & zatar and then decorate with Kalamata olives.

Kalamata Olives TIP: Kalamata Olives are extremely tasty, but also more difficult to take the pit out. Save yourself the trouble and preserve more olive by eating them directly off the pit.

Serbian Snack Tray

It’s game time!  Are you bored with typical snack offerings?  Try making a Serbian snack tray.  It’s easy to do, cheap and adds an interesting cultural twist to any party food.  It’s also a great late night treat and helps settle a stomach after drinking:)

Serbian Snack Tray

Serbian Snack Tray


Lunch Meats (pepperoni, roast beef, ham, your choice)

Pimentos (olives stuffed with peppers)

Hard Boiled Eggs

Feta Cheese

Peperoncini (the little spicy green peppers)


On a large serving plate or tray, lay down a thin layer of meats.  Generously toss on the pimentos (stuffed olives) and the peppers, being sure to drain them of any water first.  Placing them on a towel will do the trick.  Add small cubes of feta (smaller than 1″ x 1″) and wedges of hard boiled eggs.  Place ample toothpicks for snacking and serve!

Lunch Meat TIP: Yes, lunch meats have nitrates, which are proven to cause cancer.  You can, however, select lunch meats that also contain sodium erythorbate, which is said to temper the effects of nitrates.  If you’re totally anti-nitrates, you can try meat cured in celery juice OR make fresh sausages & chicken or turkey and slice it up.  To each his (or her) own!