How to make fruit look pretty

Fruit snacks… unfortunately what passes for a fruit snack nowadays is little more than GMO corn congealed with artificial colors and artificial flavors. Get over your fear of fruit – it’s a great snack! Here are some tips on how to make snacking on fruit easier and more beautiful.

How to make fruit beautiful

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High Protein Healthy Snack: Melon & Cottage Cheese

High protein snacks or high protein breakfasts are an important element of dieting for anyone from bodybuilders, diabetics or expectant moms. Protein doesn’t have to be boring – or come from meat! Try this tasty, simple and high protein snack – if you use 1 cup of cottage cheese, you’ll get 28 grams of protein!

High Protein Snack

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Sweet & Salty Snack: Apples & Cashews

Apples are healthy, cashews are healthy, but sexy . . . not so much. Simply arranging your apples in a colorful circle around cashews can make them much more appealing! Choose different varieties of apples for the best colors and go organic so you can leave the skin on. Go with lightly salted cashews and satisfy the sweet & salty without turning to nutrient-void snacks!

It's so simple!
It’s so simple!

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Strawberries and Creamy Dip

Desserts and snacks can be simple, healthy and beautiful. This easy to make strawberries and dip has only TWO ingredients! Call it strawberries and creamy dip, nobody will know the truth: it’s possibly the laziest dessert you can ever make.

Strawberries & Cream Recipe

It’s simple – wash you strawberries and arrange them in a circle. In the middle, 1 cup of lowfat or full fat plain yogurt – THAT’S IT! No cutting, no mixing, nothing but washing and arranging, which would be a task any toddler can do…

Strawberries and Creamy Dip

Strawberries and Creamy Dip
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
So simple it hurts, just arrange it pretty and give it a nice name!
  • Strawberries
  • Lowfat Yogurt
  1. Wash your strawberries.
  2. Arrange them on a plate.
  3. Put about 1 cup of lowfat or full fat plain yogurt in the middle.
  4. Serve and enjoy!

Be sure to provide a bowl or two for strawberry stems if guests won’t have anywhere to put the strawberry stems.

Ideas to Make Soup Special

Soup, particularly purees can look a bit like baby food.  So here is the idea: julienne some zucchini, throw on some toasted pine nuts and top with olive oil.  It’s beautiful, tasty and brilliant – and not my idea:)  This dish is from Chez Caro in Arles, France.  It was hot pea soup with either barely cooked or raw zucchini.  I highly recommend this restaurant if you are ever in Arles.

Soup Decorations

In our own version, we had a cold zucchini gazpacho and opted to top it with raw cucumbers, toasted pine nuts and olive oil.  Also delicious!

Toasted Nut Crunchers

One of my favorite foods is nuts. They’re healthy, tasty and add a great crunch to pasta, salads and cereals. Here is a quick recipe to give your pasta dishes more crunch. Not all nuts go together and not all nuts are tasty toasted, but feel free to experiment!

Toasted Nut Crunchers

Toasted Nut Crunchers


2 Tbsp Sliced Peeled Almonds (Raw or Unsalted, Not Roasted)

2 Tbsp Sesame Seeds (Raw or Unsalted, Not Roasted)

2 Tbsp Sunflower Seeds (Raw or Unsalted, Not Roasted)


Mix the nuts together and place on parchment paper in the toaster. Toast at 300 Fahrenheit (150 Celsius) until the nuts start to brown. Remove the nuts, let them cool on the parchment and then transfer to a jar for storage. Use on pastas and salads liberally.

Roasted Nuts TIP: Choose unsalted nuts – salted ones will dry out quickly. Roast nuts of similar size together, otherwise they will turn out unevenly.