Lemon Chicken – Whole Chicken Recipe

Do you know how to cook a whole chicken? It’s a lot easier than you think AND cheaper than buying a cut up chicken. Here is a no-fail recipe that’s great for first timers on cooking a whole chicken. The instructions are below and each picture takes you through the steps. It’s so EASY…

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Asian Chicken Meatballs Recipe

Ground chicken recipes aren’t easy to find and when I did find one, I didn’t like the fact that they were fried (probably dried out) and then dipped in uber-sweet peanut sauce. So, I made my own recipe for ground chicken and it was AMAZING. What else can a girl with ground up chicken thigh meat do other than get creative?

Chicken Meatball Burger Dinner

Instructions are in each photo.

Ingredients for 20 chicken burgers/meatballs:


4 lbs (2.2 kg) ground chicken thighs

1 cup fresh parsley, 1 medium onion, 4 cloves garlic

Salt & pepper

1/2 cup chickpea flour (or breadcrumbs)


Oil – 4 tbsp olive oil (or other cooking oil), 1 tbsp sesame oil

4 tbsp honey

1 cup orange juice

Onion and Parsley and Garlic
Prep the parsley by cutting the bottoms off and then cutting it in half. Put it in the blender with the garlic and onion.
Using the automatic pulse feature on medium strength, cut the onion, garlic & parsley until they are fine (as pictured).
Chicken Burger Mix
In a large bowl, combine the herb mix, one egg, the chicken, salt & pepper and the chickpea flour (or breadcrumbs if you like gluten!) Mix with your hands until well blended! Make burger meatballs and set on the side.
Chicken Burgers
Combine the simmer sauce and heat on medium until it boils and then reduce the heat.
Chicken Meatballs
Cook 12-15 minutes until the outside of the burger ball starts to brown and then gently flip over.
There is is!

Kebab – The Middle Eastern Hamburger

Bored with hamburgers? Try kebab! You make it just like hamburgers, just in a different shape. Here is a recipe for lamb kebabs that anyone can follow. You can also make it with beef.

Recipe: Easy Lamb Kebabs Two Ways

Kebab with Tomato Sauce


Ground lamb meat (or beef) – if low fat, add 1 egg to mix

Cilantro (chopped)

Salt, Pepper


Mix together the herbs, spices and meat in a large bowl. Roll out the meat into long spheres (see picture below) and place on parchment paper or other non-stick surface.


There are three ways to cook the kebabs – on a grill pan (greased first of course), on a grill or in the oven. Your choice!  Grilling kebab on a cinnamon stick is also a fun way to mix things up. Here they are grilling on a pan:

Pan Grilled Kebab

And here they are baking in the oven:

Baking Kebabs

Yum! The kebabs are baked, now how to serve them? I suggest two different ways: with fresh tomato sauce, mashed potatoes and garnished with cilantro (as pictured on the top of the blog) or propped up on some fresh labane or thick plain yogurt.

Kebab with Yogurt

KEBAB TIP: While you can eat kebab with lower fat meat, it’s just tastier with fatty meat! If you can’t get fresh lamb meat, try mixing in lamb fat with beef.

Chicken Wings: Asian Honey Sesame and Soy

Forget frozen chicken wing appetizers – you can do your own just as easy and much cheaper. Using just a few ingredients and frozen chicken wings, you can have a fun, visually appealing main dish, snack or appetizer to make on the fly. No defrosting required and unlike store bought appetizers, no artificial colors, flavors OR preservatives. Just good ingredients, a little bit of time and there you go!

Asian Chicken Wings


Chicken Wings, Minced Garlic, Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, Honey, Sesame Seeds


1. Marinade the fully frozen chicken wings (separated) in the garlic, honey, soy and sesame oil in a deep (at least 1.5 inch) baking dish. The amount of marinade depends on the amount of chicken – you don’t need much to start with.
Frozen Chicken Wings Marinating

2. Bake in an oven at 325 degrees until they start to brown. When they start to brown, turn them over. The wings should be cooking in liquid now, so they’re not just baking, they’re roasting and softening into fall off the bone wings! Add some soy if there is not enough liquid. Sprinkle with sesame seeds once they are browned.

Halfway Cooked Asian Chicken Wings

3. Keep roasting until all of the wings are a deep dark brown. Raise the temperature at the end to 350, but be sure you have enough liquid in the pan. You can cook these from 45 minutes for a more chewy chicken, or go a full 1 1/2 hours for fall off the bone chicken wings (my preference!) And these guys do not need dipping sauce:)

Sesame Soy Chicken Wings

Chicken Wing TIP: You barely have to worry about burning wings when you do them slow roasted style in plenty of liquid in a deeper pan, like in the recipe above. The liquid protects the wings and the long slow cooking tenderizes the chicken.

Oh Dear! How to Cook a Deer Filet

Deer meat is delicious, ecological and if you shoot-your-own, economical.  While long-cooking stews or heavily flavored recipes are many, few rely on the naturally delicious deer flavor as a base.  I’m here to tell you – deer filet is delicious as is!

Deer Filet

Grilled Deer Filet


Deer Filet (Whole, Uncut)

Sprinkle of Salt

Sprinkle of Pepper


On a really hot grill or pan, cook the entire filet on each side for about 30 seconds, depending on thickness.  If the filet is odd-shaped, be sure that every side is seared – you may have to use tongs and hold the sides against the pan to do this.

Deer filet should always be cooked rare or medium rare.  It’s a low fat lean meat and will be tough if you cook it more.  If you prefer your meat more well done – choose another cut and leave the filet for the raw meat lovers:)

TIP: See if your butcher can put the filet in a vacuum pack.  It’s the best cut and really a shame to put it in the freezer.  Vacuum sealed packs can last a long time if kept cool and air tight.

TIP: You can always cook more, but never less.  After I sliced this open, I cooked the piece on the right just a tad more.

Grilling French Style: Raclette for Meat

I’m ba-ack from my vacation in France, so the next few weeks or so will be posts relating to French food.

What is raclette?

While typically “French,” the raclette originated in the Swiss mountains as a way for shepherds to heat up their food.  The raclette is a source or heat that melts cheese and comes in a table top model or a larger grill used in restaurants.

Raclette is popular in the Alps and typically found in ski resorts and mountain cabins.  Modern raclette machines for home are made for the table top.  There is a grill top where meat is heated.  Typically they use lunch meats (charcuterie) – since we don’t eat lunch meats (nitrates!) we opted for the healthier option of lean locally raised beef.  There are two parts – the meat and the cheese.  We will split up the two processes and start with the meat cooking.

Grilling Meat & Veggies on a Grill-top Raclette


Meat of Choice

Assortment of Veggies

Oil or Butter

Salt & Pepper

Fresh Herbs


STEP 1: Set up in advance with cooked potatoes, sliced veggies and all ingredients on hand.  Slice the meat into 1-4″ pieces and marinate if desired.  TIP: Use beef – it’s safe cooking temperature is much lower than chicken or pork and it’s less likely to cause food borne illnesses.

STEP 2: Since the grill is heated from below, before you start cooking, make sure your raclette is glowing red for a few minutes.  Just take a peek from below.  If it’s not hot, your meat will slowly warm and won’t come out as grilled properly.

STEP 3: Get grilling and racletting!  It takes a few minutes to get everything cooked, so keep this in mind.  Put the meat on the grill with any seasoning.  In this case we used fresh thyme that was growing right outside our cabin:)  Since the meat wasn’t so fatty and it was a vacation, we added a bit of butter.

Simply put the meat on the top portion of the grill, with the herbs on the grill side.  Depending on how well you like it cooked, flip it halfway through and grill until complete!

If you are grilling veggies on the top, be sure to add a bit of fat, if you don’t they will come out dry and puffy.

Yummmmmmmy raclette grilling!

STEP 4: Enjoy!  (No worries, next post will be on the trays, veggies & cheese).  My husband got a real kick out of putting the meat on top of the potato to eat it.  There’s probably a proper way to do it, so be playful:)



Thanks so much for reading and see you soon with Part II – cheese & veggies!