Wakame Cucumber Salad Recipe

Discover the mysteries of wakame salad and gain your wakame salad independence! Refreshing, crispy, clean-tasting and sophisticated all describe one of my favorite salads to make: the sesame wakame cucumber salad. Read the recipe and find out the salty secret on how to make your wakame salad the best…

Easiest wakame and sesame salad recipe and it's vegan!
Easiest wakame and sesame salad recipe.

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Raw Salad Recipe: Beet Kohlrabi Carrot

Do you need to eat more veggies? Interested in having more raw foods in your life? I’ve got the salad for you and it’s so easy! I’ll tell you my secret: it’s the food processor. One day I saw a peculiar looking disc and tried it. Turns out it was the julienne and it’s my BFF now. The very thin cuts make eating raw veggies much more appealing. If you don’t have a food processor or a julienne feature, grating them will work too.

Raw Beet Kohlrabi Carrot Salad

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Vegan Lentil Salad with Cumin

Vegan recipes are not boring or flavorless, they just require a bit of creativity – and spice! Cumin, which originates in the Eastern Mediterranean and India, is a flavorful, healthy and easy-to-use spice that adds complexity to any vegan dish. You can find it in spice mixes, like curry, sofrito, garam masala, baharat, and many more, but plain ground cumin is tasty too.

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Raw Food Snack

Raw food snacks can be fun! Check out this raw food snack – it’s super easy to make and is so beautiful it’s hard to think of it as “diet” food.

Raw Food Snack





Red Onions

Sesame paste (tahini)

Zatar (or other dried herbs)


Chop the lettuce and spread it on the plate. Chop your veggies and arrange them nicely. Drizzle the tahini over the veggies and then sprinkle the zatar (or other fresh herbs). That’s it!

Healthy Chef Salad

Chef salad is yummy, but can end up getting unhealthy . . . here is a recipe for a chef salad that’s a bit healthier.

Chef Salad

Healthier Chef Salad

Healthier Ingredients:

Instead of iceberg, choose mixed greens & baby spinach.

Instead of deli ham, choose roasted turkey with no nitrates.

Instead of store-bought ranch dressing, choose homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Instead of pre-shredded cheese, shred your own

Add whatever veggies you want! Get more protein by adding peas or an egg.


Get good ingredients and mix them together. By using ingredient replacements, you can increase the nutrients of your salad without increasing calories. You can also reduce the amount of processed ingredients.

Chef Salad

The Bitter Truth on Bitter Greens

Bitter greens are, well, bitter! They’re sophisticated, they’re beautiful and they’re healthy. But the bitter truth is that they’re bitter! Don’t make the mistake of using too many bitter greens or pairing them poorly. Most people do not love a mouthful of bitterness. Yep, that’s me after a mouth full of bitterness.

Bitter Greens!

Here are some tips on keeping the bitterness out of bitter greens:

Pair them well. Bitter greens like endive, tatsoi, watercress and mizuna go well with a nice balsamic vinegar. The vinegar breaks down the bitterness and counters it with acidity.  Same with lemon. Unlike regular greens, they can endure more time with acids before breaking down into mush.

Why so bitter? Because this salad is 90% bitter greens!
Why so bitter? Because this salad is 90% bitter greens!

Go light. A mixed greens salad should be mixed – not overwhelmed with bitter greens. Throw in some extra romaine and some shredded carrots to offset the heavy bitter flavor if your “baby mix” looks like a “bitter mix.”

Not all greens are alike. Arugula (or roket) can come in variations whose bitterness can range from almost undetectable to sour lemon face inducing. Make sure you can take the bitterness before you dish it out.

Put them on the side. Arugula is a popular middle eastern pizza topping, but you don’t have to put it on the pizza for people. Offer it up in a salad bowl and let people put it on themselves.