Easy Salmon Recipe

Salmon can be easy! Follow this simple salmon recipe and you’re guaranteed success. I’ve included not just the recipe, but tips to make sure your salmon turns out just right.

Asian Salmon: Salmon Lemon Pepper with Soy
Easy Salmon


Salmon Fillets

Fresh Lemons

Soy Sauce

Ground Black Pepper

Dollup of Butter (Optional)

Small Roasting Pan

Lemon Soy Salmon


In a small roasting pan – not much bigger than the salmon fillets, put your fresh or thawed salmon. The pan MUST not be large! For easier clean up, line the pan with parchment paper.

Add the juice of one lemon and soy sauce until there’s about 1/4″ of sauce in the pan – this is the key to not overcooking! Sprinkle with ground pepper, cover with the lemon skins from the squeezed lemon and bake. Add a dollup of butter if you want.

Since salmon varies in size, cook until the edges start to brown. One reason why salmon recipes go wrong is because they assume all salmon is the same size – it isn’t. Nor is it always the same fat content. Watch for it to brown, then it’s done! This one is done, but paranoid me had to check it anyways – oh well:) ENJOY!